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Proudly Craft Brewed in Alberta

 The Goat Locker


The term Goat Locker refers to an area below deck in old wooden naval ships where they kept the goat. They brought the goat on board to provide fresh milk and cheese for the crew on long sea voyages, during a time when modern day preservation methods were not available. As well as milk and cheese, the goats were perfect animals to bring onboard. They would eat anything, including the food scraps, had a knack for surviving in many circumstances, and never got sea sick.

As a way to entice people to join the navy they were promised beer rations. They kept the overflow barrels of ale in the Goat Locker, way below deck, where it was nice and cool. The crew in what little leisure time they had realized that the officers would never bother them in the Goat Locker. This led to the Goat Locker becoming a mess hall of sorts, where the crew could relax, enjoy a few pints, and hang out with some goats.

The term is still in use in the navy today. While there is no longer a use to bring a goat on board, the legend of the Goat Locker lives on. We want to keep this tradition alive and help you find your own Goat Locker; whether it’s your neighbourhood pub or your garage. Your Goat Locker is anywhere you can relax and share a few pints with friends, new and old!


Our Brews

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Liquor Stores

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Pale Session Ale

German Style Lager

Light Pilsner


Pubs, Bars, & Restaurants

Kensington Pub

207 10A St NW, Calgary

The Hideout

380 Midpark Way SE, Calgary


1131 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary

Thompsons Restaurant (Hayatt Regency)

112 8 Ave SE, Calgary

Craft Beer Market

345 10 Ave SW, Calgary

Melrose Café & Bar (Cowboys Casino)

421 12 Ave SE, Calgary

Blackbird Public Urban Bar

900, 100 Auburn Crest Way SE, Calgary

Side Street

1167 Kensington Cres NW, Calgary

Belle Southern Kitchen + Bar

1919 4 Street SW, Calgary

The Deane House

806 9 Ave SE, Calgary


 338 17 Ave SW, Calgary

Tap & Vine

960 Yankee Valley Blvd SE, Airdrie

Local South Common

 1820 99 St, Edmonton

Salz Bratwurst Co.

 10556 115 St, Edmonton

Table Top Cafe

10235 124 St, Edmonton



The Trop

1501 34 Ave SW, Calgary

Fergus and Bix (West Springs)

873 85 St, Calgary

National Westhills

180 Stewart Green SW, Calgary

Winebar Kensington

1131 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary

National 8th Ave

Scotia Centre, 225 8 Ave SW, Calgary

Breakkie Cafe

125, 20 Westpark Link SW, Calgary

Original Joe's

Locations across Alberta

St. James Corner

1219 1 St SW, Calgary

Local 522

522 6 Ave SW, Calgary

Blue Star Diner

809 1 Ave NE, Calgary

Posto Pizzeria and Bar

1014 8 St SW, Calgary

Main Street Beer & BBQ

 505 Main St S #304, Airdrie

Tavern 1883

 709 9th Street, Canmore

Urban Tavern

11606 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

The Almanac

10351 82 Ave, Edmonton

Next Act

8224 104 St, Edmonton







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